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For us at Bodhi Campus, the security and safety of the students is of paramount importance. Being a residential campus, we are well aware of our responsibilities that lie not only in imparting high quality education but also in instilling the confidence in the minds of thousands of parents as their wards will be away from their direct care and supervision.

We assure the parents that Bodhi Campus is a safe environment to live and learn comfortably without an iota of doubt about the safety and security of their wards.

We have excellent security systems, both in terms of technology and manpower, to take care of the students.

A walled campus with one Entry/Exit points adequately guarded by trained security personnel and all the movements both human and vehicular are monitored and a register is maintained.

“All students, teachers and staff members are provided with an Identity card and only on producing the same will be allowed to enter the campus. Staff vehicles are provided with a “Pass” and a register is maintained“

The movements of students, teachers and staff members are constantly monitored within the campus through surveillance cameras installed at strategic locations in the campus.

Students are strictly prohibited to go out of the campus.

Visitors are thoroughly checked and their personal details are registered at the entrance before proceeding inside the campus.

The personal details of the parents / guardians of all the students are maintained and stored in the computer system. Only after verifications, the parents / guardians are allowed to meet their wards.

Parents/Guardians need to seek prior permission to meet their wards and only upon due approval by the concerned authorities, they will be allowed to meet their wards. This is only to ensure that the students are not unduly disturbed during their study hours.

The entire campus is brightly lit during night and security personnel carry out patrol at regular intervals.